CADD/Total Station Survey:

Advanced computer technology has allowed the engineering disciplines to explore more design options and accomplish greater speed in documenting and managing data than at any time in the past.

Keeping pace with technology

As these technologies move from leading-edge to mainstream, Upper Canada Consultants is keeping pace through training and software development.

Our CADD (Computer Aided Design and Drafting) systems are employed by all departments to document concepts and develop detailed design drawings. This interface capability accomplishes two important objectives. It helps our people save time – and reduce labour costs – by sharing their computer-based files, as work proceeds from planning to execution. And it allows us to pass the resulting files directly to client CADD systems and municipal land information systems for ongoing maintenance purposes.

Upper Canada's CADD services are also provided separately to clients requiring them, and our technical staff are available to assist in establishing an in-house CADD program.

Total Station and GPS survey services are employed across our organization, offering an efficient, accurate way to record survey data in the field and download them directly into a project's CADD documents. A crew of one, two or three completes the field survey electronically and can even store the information for direct downloading. Similarly, uploading CADD data to the Total Station or GPS Survey equipment can reduce the calculation time required to prepare a final on-site survey plan for registration.


Upper Canada Consultants has
extensive experience in the following:

  • Interactive design capabilities
  • Topographic mapping
  • Construction layout
  • As-built measurements
  • Preparation of calculated plans for registration
  • Preliminary design drawings and site plan concepts
  • Earth balance modelling and analysis