Civil and Municipal Engineering

Upper Canada Consultants civil and municipal engineering services encompass everything from planning maintenance and rehabilitation strategies for municipal infrastructure to the design of all municipal services including water distribution systems, sanitary and storm drainage facilities, roads, bridges, street lighting, parking facilities and recreational areas.

We provide topographic surveys for municipal construction and reconstruction projects, as well as for site plan and subdivision development. Specialists are available to prepare engineering studies and reports for a wide range of impacts and development issues.

Teams are tailored to fit each project

Whether we are engaged to provide a complete engineering package for a project, or specific advisory services on an as-needed basis, the effort is always made to develop solutions that are in the client's best interest. Teams are tailored to particular projects and assigned to follow through from beginning to end, with team leaders taking an active role in ensuring that work stays on course throughout.

We design systems for the long term

Most importantly for the communities and developers involved, we understand how to design systems that can be maintained and updated over the long term.

Projects are documented on our extensive network of CADD stations. Apart from the many advantages of economy and speed CADD offers, we can provide municipalities with a complete and accurate set of digitized as-built drawings that become a permanent record for their land information management systems. We are experienced with the CADD standards required by different municipalities and our senior staff ensure that projects are completed with these standards from start to finish.



Upper Canada Consultants has
extensive experience in the following:

  • Topographic surveys
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Detailed design and preparation of contract documents
  • Construction cost analysis
  • Application for approvals
  • Tendering analysis, evaluation of bids and recommendation for award
  • Site analysis
  • Engineering survey