Looking at the big picture

At Upper Canada, the service we call "Studies" merges the most in-depth investigation tasks of our many engineering disciplines. The goal: to gain a broader view of potential issues, problems and opportunities.

Certain projects may require a whole set of related studies. For example, in the development of a private site (such as a residential subdivision) our services can range from a detailed site analysis to an economic feasibility study, where we look at virtually every impact on a chosen location by the development and construction.

For communities throughout Southern Ontario, our water resources engineering professionals are often called on to conduct extensive stormwater management, flood control and surface drainage studies. And, as environmental regulations become stricter, the need for authoritative environmental assessments will continue to increase.

Turning data into design solutions

Irrespective of whether the job is $5,000 or $1 million, or the client is a municipality, conservation authority or private developer, Upper Canada Consultants engineers follow the same standards of professionalism and excellence at all times. Every client is important to us. We rely on a growing internal resource of custom-designed software to store and manipulate our study data, and are able to work closely with our colleagues in turning those data into effective design solutions.



Upper Canada Consultants has
extensive experience in the following:

  • Economic Feasibility Studies
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Site Analysis
  • Stormwater Management Studies
  • Pre-Engineering Studies
  • Infrastructure Needs Studies