Our Staff

The professionals at Upper Canada Consultants strive to complete outstanding work for their clients, providing services cost-effectively and efficiently, and finding opportunities for efficiencies and savings or better approaches wherever possible. Each is committed in being part of a team that stimulates and challenges, providing benefits to the project as well as the individual. All have the tenacity it takes to stay with a project and successfully navigate the complex approval process that accompanies all projects, both public and private. Our staff are dedicated to staying on top of the ever changing regulatory approvals.


Martin Heikoop, C.E.T


    Kurt Tiessen, B.Eng

    Junior Engineer

      Jason Schooley, P.Eng.

      Senior Project Engineer

        Anu Jacob, E.I.T., M.Tech

        Junior Engineer

          Adam Keane, P.Eng., Leed® A.P.

          Engineering Manager

            Brendan Kapteyn, P.Eng.

            Junior Engineer

              Planning Group

              Matt Kernahan, MCIP, RPP

              Planning Manager

                Mark Kudreikis, CPT

                Planning Technician

                  Craig Rohe, M.Pl., MCIP, RPP

                  Senior Planner

                    Jason Ouellet

                    Planning Technician

                      William Heikoop, B.U.R.Pl., MCIP, RPP

                      Senior Planner

                        Eric Beauregard

                        Planning Technician

                          Ethan Laman, B.U.R.Pl.

                          Junior Planner


                            BreAnne Griffin

                            Administrative Assistant

                              Hannah Gracey

                              Administrative Assistant

                                Louella Hilko

                                Accounts Receivable

                                  Design Staff

                                  Bob Vandervalk, C.Tech

                                  Civil Technician

                                    Roberto Duarte, BS.CivilEng., GIS-GM

                                    Civil CAD Designer

                                      Tajay McIntyre

                                      Civil Technician

                                        Mike Cook, C.Tech

                                        Civil Technician / Development Co-ordinator

                                          Carlos Alfaro

                                          Civil Technician

                                            Zach Clifford

                                            Civil Technician

                                              Marcus Wahrstaetter, C.E.T.

                                              Civil Technologist

                                                Tina Allen

                                                Civil Technician

                                                  Gordon Smith

                                                  Civil Technician

                                                    Trevor Letkemann, C.Tech

                                                    CIVIL TECHNICIAN/ CONSTRUCTION INSPECTOR

                                                      Kelvin Antle

                                                      Civil Technician

                                                        Field Staff

                                                        Peter Verheij

                                                        Field Supervisor / Construction Administrator

                                                          Colin Sinclair, C.S.T., C.E.T.

                                                          Level 1 Water/Wastewater Operator, Senior Construction Administrator

                                                            Craig Schooley, C.Tech

                                                            Civil Technician / Contract Administrator

                                                              Zeki Aydin, C.Tech

                                                              Civil Technician

                                                                Alexander Enriquez

                                                                Field Technician

                                                                  Lucas Walker

                                                                  Construction Inspector

                                                                    Cristobal Morales

                                                                    Field Technician

                                                                      Ed Brooker

                                                                      Construction Inspector

                                                                        Darryl Gardener

                                                                        Field Technician

                                                                          Steve Roy

                                                                          Field Technician