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Civil & Municipal Engineering

Although you may not realize it, municipal engineering impacts your day-to-day life in many ways. From the road you used to safely drive your child to soccer practice, the watermain that delivered clean and safe water to your home, and the sewers to quickly and efficiently transport storm and waste water to treatment plants, municipal engineering is critical for ensuring many of the basic necessities of your life are provided for.

As the existing infrastructure ages, maintaining and replacing these critical assets is becoming more and more important. Municipal engineering designs need to consider the increasing demand for cost-effective solutions to age old problems, while also minimizing impacts to the environment. New techniques, such as pipe-relining (vs. full pipe replacement), trenchless pipe installation (vs. open cut installation) and roundabouts (vs signalized intersections) have been developed to address these issues, and municipal engineering firms need to be able to incorporate these into their designs.

Why Choose UCC?

As the largest local municipal engineering firm in the Niagara Region, our focus has always been where it matters most, right here! Our greatest strength is our experience successfully completing municipal engineering designs, understanding each client’s unique needs and perspectives to meet tight deadlines and ever tightening budgetary constraints. UCC works closely with all our clients to develop cost effective solutions to meet these increasing demands, and we understand how to design systems that can be maintained and updated over the long term. UCC’s internal Quality Control and Quality Assurance program is a core part of our Municipal Engineering design workflow; no detailed design project is complete at UCC unless it has been thoroughly reviewed by our highly experienced construction inspector.

Our Experience

Upper Canada Consultants has extensive experience in the following:

  • Topographic surveys
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Detailed design and preparation of contract documents
  • Construction cost analysis
  • Application for approvals
  • Tendering analysis, evaluation of bids and recommendation for award
  • Site analysis
  • Engineering survey

Select Projects:

  • Ontario Street – St. Catharines (ongoing)
  • Lorne Street – St. Catharines (ongoing)
  • McGuire Street – St. Catharines (completed 2015)
  • Port Robinson Road – Pelham (completed 2013)
  • 30 Hannover Drive, Unit #3
    St. Catherines ON
    L2W 1A3
  • (905) 688-9400
  • info@ucc.com
  • Mon – Fri 8:30am-5:00pm