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As the planning process has become more complex and time consuming, the need to provide effective, experienced professional planning advice while expediting a given plan, has become an essential component of any successful development. Our full-time registered professional planners offer a complete range of planning services, from investigative studies and preliminary concept sketches to final plan registration.

Why Choose UCC?

The planning process, expedited

Expediting a plan can be the most critical step in the planning process. Rather than sitting back and awaiting results from an often overworked bureaucracy, our planners tenaciously follow through every phase of the review process to obtain final approvals. We take the initiative to contact public authorities, liaising with municipal and regional planners, providing additional information as required, negotiating for variances and exceptions, and coordinating all required documents.

We seek innovative solutions

Our planning team also has the experience and ingenuity to look for innovative solutions that are frequently more efficient than conventional cookie-cutter concepts.

In reviewing one developer’s prepared subdivision plan, we were able to save the company almost $1 million in development costs by questioning the established plan’s assumptions and taking better advantage of the site. We take it upon ourselves to anticipate the kinds of scheduling problems that can derail a project’s careful timing.

Our Experience

Upper Canada Consultants has  extensive experience in the following:

  • Official plan amendments
  • Zoning amendments
  • Minor variances
  • Land severences
  • Site planning design and processing
  • Subdivision planning design and processing
  • Condominium planning design and processing
  • Project management and coordination

Select Projects:

  • Rolling Meadows
  • East Fonthill
  • Warren Woods
  • Harbourtown Village
  • Thornberry Waters
  • Merritt Meadows
  • Escarpment Vista Estates
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    St. Catherines ON
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  • (905) 688-9400
  • info@ucc.com
  • Mon – Fri 8:30am-5:00pm