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Project Management & Construction Services

Project management is a separate overview service that can start as early as the site selection stage, and carry through to the moment a project is assumed. The primary benefit is that the Project Manager acts expressly on the client’s behalf to make sure all aspects of the work meet stated expectations.

Not every project is a candidate for full project management services, yet more developers are choosing to engage an independent Project Manager rather than take on the responsibility in-house. They realize, sometimes through unfortunate experience, that it takes a professional to evaluate, manage and coordinate the work of the many disciplines required to execute a project.

In a more focused way, Construction Services take the same overview role for the actual construction of a project. While these services are often provided as part of Upper Canada’s other engineering services, we often become involved after another engineering or architectural firm has been has been involved in the project. Similarly, Upper Canada Consultants can provide full or part-time site inspection, topographic survey and layout services either as part of a larger project or on an as-needed basis.

Why Choose UCC?

Upper Canada Consultants places its most senior staff in project management roles, people who have the ability to stand back and assess the whole picture, anticipating potential problems, while helping control budgets, schedules and contracts.

As planning and engineering experts, our Project Managers know what local and regional authorities expect of private developers. We can talk to municipal planners in their language and negotiate wherever possible for variances that benefit the developer

Our Experience

Upper Canada Consultants has  extensive experience in the following:

  • Site analysis
  • Coordination of studies
  • Trouble-shooting and resolving conflicts
  • Negotiating with municipal authorities
  • Tendering analysis, evaluation of bids and recommendation for award
  • Construction cost analysis
  • Application for approvals
  • Contract administration and supervision
  • Site inspection
  • Construction layout and survey
  • General engineering services

Select Projects:

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  • Sparrow Meadows
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